ROpenSci :: Mint

This responder mints a submission: it can be used to add a valid badge grade value (currently bronze/silver/gold) to the kind of submissions accepting them (currently stats)

Listens to

@botname mint <grade>

Where <grade> must be a valid value. For example:

@botname mint silver


The responder will read the value of submission-type in the body of the issue, for it to work this value must equal stats, then it will update (or add) the value of the statsgrade in the body of the issue.

Settings key



Only available to editors:

      only: editors

In action

  • Initial state:

Issue’s body with correct submission type

ROpenSci :: Mint: Initial state

  • Invocation:

ROpenSci :: Mint: grade gold

  • Final state:

Issue’s body updated with the badge grade

ROpenSci :: Mint: Final state