ROpenSci :: Set due date

This responder can be used to add or change the review due date for a current reviewer.

Listens to

@botname set due date for @reviewer to YYYY-MM-DD


The body of the issue should have the reviewers-list and the due-dates-list placeholders marked with HTML comments:

<!--reviewers-list-->  <!--end-reviewers-list-->
<!--due-dates-list-->  <!--end-due-dates-list-->

The reviewer should be already listed in the reviewers list

The format for the due date must be YYYY-MM-DD

The new due date can not be in the past

Settings key



Restricted to editors:

        - editors

In action

  • Initial state:

Initial issue’s body ROpenSci :: Set due date: Initial state

  • Invocation:

Set new due date for a reviewer ROpenSci :: Set due date: Invocation

  • Final state:

Issue’s body with new due date info

ROpenSci :: Set due date: Final state, info updated